Class A Single Ended Hybrid Amplifier

The art with which the power amplifier transmits live sound of the musical palette is comparable to the individuality of the artist's brush, as delicately extract the delicate texture of the music from the lifeless electronic processes, it is also an art.

We believe that the main task of a highly professional power amplifier - as much as possible to unpack the message of the composer's music and breathe life into a multifaceted artist. This imposes a high level of equipment reliability uncompromising demands. That's why our amps sound unique components are installed without regard to their cost, and we have developed widely used non-standard circuit solutions, which determines the characteristic individuality of all our products in general.

Pure Class A Single Ended Hybrid Amplifier Specifications

Lampovo - semiconductor hybrid single-ended power amplifier "Grimmi" operates in pure class "A" and has a high specification, which is not typical for single-ended amplifier stages built on the tubes.
The output transformer of the classical single-ended tube amplifier transistor is replaced by an equivalent, which allows to realize all the advantages of accurate pre-amplifier stage with a double vacuum triode 12AX7 / ECC83.
Powerful twin output transistors have a low output impedance and provide a fairly complete control over any speakers without the use of feedback.
One of the most remarkable features of the device is almost a complete absence of resistors in the circuit - in each channel uses only one resistor - and electrolytic capacitors.
The amplifier is implemented corporate power supply "Virtual Battery Power Supply" - increasing the capacity of the filter capacitors electronic method that eliminated the large-capacity electrolytic capacitors in favor of a set of high-quality film and paper capacitors.
Each transistor receives a voltage of power from individual power supply and transformer, which increases the accuracy of sound reproduction. It is expensive and non-standard tech design, which is unique in the world market does not.
Provides an automatic indication of the correct phasing of the power plug.
Cooling scheme carried out by means of massive radiators on the sides and quietest fan with adjustable speed (the handle on the rear panel). Of course, not bypassed the attention and protection: special scheme for automatically de-energize the unit during the heating radiators more than 70 ° C.
In the manufacture of the equipment we will use military factories in Moscow region.

The real sound of our instruments